Built-ins to upgrade your space

Built-in units are useful for any space and can add extra storage. They can be fun and customize-able. If you have a small space and are unsure how to utilize it, try one of these ideas!

Working at home is becoming more and more popular. A built-in office desk may be very useful. You can customize it to the height you want and add the perfect size storage areas and all of the desk space you may want. If you want your desk in a corner, you can do that!

Another office idea is to add a bookshelf. Bookshelves can be really easy and add a lot to a space. You can organize your books in a fun way and make it more of a piece of art! This could be a good addition to any room including the living room, dining room, or even a small one for the kitchen with cook books on it! If you want to do one in the bedroom, consider putting it on the wall over your bed as a headboard. It will add a cozy feel to the room, extra space, and look great.

If you have limited space in your living room or just want to open it up a bit more, you can get creative with your fireplace. Build around it and turn it into the centerpiece of your television stand! You can mount the television over it and add shelves around it. This will draw a lot of attention to that wall, give you more storage space, and look beautiful!

For those that have many kids and aren’t sure how to make more space for them and their things, try built-in bunk beds! Kids will love them and it will open up more floor space. You can add some storage spots inside the areas so they can be personalized. Getting away from the traditional bunk bed, you can opt for stairs over the traditional ladder and let the kids have fun personalizing that little space with fun colors since it will have walls instead of posts or metal bars.

The bathroom is a never ending fight when it comes to storage! If you have a section of wall between two studs that isn’t doing anything, knock it out and make a built-in storage space. This space would be good for extra towels, soaps, and other bathroom necessities. You can hid it with a small rod and curtain or get fun with some baskets and small decorations!

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a whole extra room that you don’t know what to do with, make it a master closet with built in storage throughout the entire room. While this isn’t exactly the easiest task to start with, it would add a ton of extra space. You can store what ever you would like in it and have shelves for days! Make sure you really research this one out and carefully measure everything before getting into it.

Everyone could use extra storage but you don’t always want to bring in another table or put up more shelves. Built-ins add value and charm to your home while being customized to your liking. If you’re feeling inspired and know a room that needs storage, give one a try!